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“You never know who in these corridors during the next 20 years may come up with the next ground-breaking research innovation – not just a significant finding but one that has impact.”


The Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute’s (CHIRI’s) academic and administrative operations are led by its Director, Professor John Mamo, whose responsibilities include the operation and reporting of the institute’s activities. In association with lead researchers, John is also responsible for building strategic links with key agencies and peer organisations and attracting additional funding support for the institute’s research through industry and philanthropy.

CHIRI is a Curtin University business entity, with oversight and governance provided by the Pro Vice-Chancellor for the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Research.

Advisory Board

Led by external Chairperson Dr Rob Wilson, the CHIRI Advisory Board assists the institute’s director in:

  • developing a board charter and an advisory framework;
  • preparing a strategic plan to sustain, guide and grow the institute, harnessing diverse experience from business, academic and community sectors to strengthen CHIRI as a responsive business within the tertiary sector;
  • identifying research income opportunities, including partnerships, sponsorship, fundraising and philanthropy and advocacy at senior levels within Curtin and with the Curtin Foundation;
  • facilitating the creation of strategic links with other institutions nationally and internationally to enhance CHIRI’s research capability, impact and reputation;
  • community engagement, raising the profile of CHIRI in the community and the business sector; and
  • preparing long-term budgets and performance indicators.