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Data Analysis Suite

All instruments have high-end software which can be used for analysis. However, priority of these instruments is for data collection rather than analysis – if they are not being using for data collection they can be booked for analysis.

  • NIS elements software (with object tracking) on the Nikon A1+ confocal microscope
  • Volocity 3D analysis software on the Ultraview Vox confocal microscope
  • FACS Diva on the FACS Canto II and Fortessa flow cytometers
  • Attune cytometric software on the attune flow cytometer

An offline analysis workstation is available (see below). NIS elements software are also available as a sign in/sign out dongles (contact Connie Jackaman: for use).

Analysis workstation

  • Networked computer for data collection point
  • Microscopy image analysis
    • Nikon Advanced Research software with deconvolution
    • Image J software
  • Flow cytometry data analysis
    • FlowJo analysis software
    • FCAP Array software
  • Data presentation
    • Microsoft W7
    • GraphPad Prism

We conduct regular training sessions on microscopy and flow cytometry data analysis.

For further details please contact

Christian Tjiam: