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Curtin media statements and news (CHIRI-related)

Media contact: Lauren Sydoruk (Curtin Media)



Curtin researchers recognised at WA Young Tall Poppy Science Awards


Boost for liver cancer patients with new $10.8 million world-class research centre


Curtin project awarded funding to test new treatment for Alzheimer’s disease

Curtin research into 3D printing of skin awarded medical funding

Study finds new link between sub-concussion and motor dysfunction


Results of dog cancer treatment trial raise hopes for human use


Curtin student named Forrest Research Foundation Scholar


Study finds tiny ‘nano’ capsules effective in treating type two diabetes

Curtin planetary sciences and health research boosted with ARC funding



ARC-funded Curtin research partnership to extract anti-diabetic from lupins


New funding boost for dementia-focused research at Curtin


Progressing the long-term plan for stem cell research

Statins linked to increased risk of skin infections and diabetes, study finds

Curtin scientists recognised as future leaders in research innovation

Curtin study sheds new light on the growth of bladder cancer

Announcement of the new Centre of Excellence for Synthetic Biology


Curtin study investigates potential new treatments for pancreatic cancer

New Curtin scholarship to help improve outlook for liver cancer patients


New Curtin-led traumatic brain injury research secures 50 million



Misfortune teller: predicting concussion complications early

NHMRC funding for new Curtin research from Alzheimer’s to phobias

RACI awards for Curtin science education and neurochemistry experts

Cannabis compound gives hope to patients with pancreatic cancer


Keeping cancer in check: the potential of checkpoint blockade to treat elderly cancer patients

How do superbugs become super? Understanding antibiotic resistance

Study shows elderly mice with mesothelioma tumours deteriorate faster


Measuring leakage through the blood-brain barrier

Curtin researchers bound for female leadership mission to Antarctica

Could garlic hold the key to curing Alzheimer’s disease?


Cannabinoid plays role in survival rates of mice with pancreatic cancer

Immunity protein at birth reduces likelihood of childhood malaria