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Researchers – Full list

Focusing on four key areas of research focus, CHIRI’s home to a growing team of more than 200 scientists and research students dedicated to developing new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat major disorders and diseases that impact on the quality of adult life. Get to know some of them and their research here.


Dr Mark Agostino          Dr Hani Al-Salami         Dr Daniel Brown



Dr Rima Caccetta     Dr Jose Caparros-Martin   Dr Rodrigo Carlessi


Prof Deirdre Coombe    Dr Andrew Crowe         Prof Crispin Dass



Dr Danielle Dye            A/Prof Pieter Eichhorn   Dr Gaewyn Ellison


Dr Caryn Elsegood        Prof Marco Falasca  Prof Melinda Fitzgerald


Prof Jonathan Foster   Dr Ross Graham           A/Prof David Groth


Dr Mark Hackett          A/Prof Julian Heng


Dr Connie Jackaman     A/Prof Pritinder Kaur      Dr Kevin Keane


Dr Virginie Lam             Prof John Mamo             A/Prof Cyril Mamotte


Prof Ricardo Mancera    Dr Pat Metharom           Dr Armin Mooranian


Dr Carl Mousley           Dr Kylie Munyard             Prof Delia Nelson


Prof Philip Newsholme  Prof Fergal O’Gara         A/Prof Patricia Price


Prof Oliver Rackham    Dr Hannah Radley          Dr Josh Ramsay 


Professor Chris Reid    A/Prof Mario Soares        Prof Zhonghua Sun


A/Prof Ryu Takechi       Jacinta Thorne       A/Prof Nina Tirnitz-Parker


Dr Christian Tjiam      A/Prof Giuseppe Verdile     Dr Natalie Ward


Dr Yu Yu                         A/Prof Brad Zhang