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Associate Professor Brad Zhang

  • Inflammation, infectious disease and wounds

Anyone suffer from asthma or allergies? Then you’ll want to know all about what Brad’s up to in the lab.

Brad’s team is researching environmental, genetic and non-genetic factors, and their interactive effects, on the development of asthma and allergy.

With his multidisciplinary background crossing environmental health, indoor air quality, respiratory medicine, immunology and asthma genetics and epigenetics, combined with his expertise in statistical analysis in a biological context, Brad’s well placed to help us understand more about the factors underlying these conditions.

This is important work, particularly given these conditions negatively impact on the quality of life of a considerable percentage of the world’s population.

With prevalence gradients differing greatly between Eastern and Western Countries, Brad’s initiated research projects involving Chinese immigrants, as a unique population for investigating the mechanisms behind asthma, allergy, obesity and other chronic diseases and conditions, to better understand why their prevalence has increased in Australia.

Research interests – investigation of environmental, genetic and epigenetic factors, as well as the interactive effects of these factors, on the development of asthma and allergy.

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