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Associate Professor Mario Soares

  • Vascular and metabolic disorders

Mario is physician scientist whose research is mostly in the area of nutritional physiology, a process that deals with how the body extracts nutrients from food, how we obtain the required energy, how we use nutrients and, importantly, how all of this is related to health and disease.

Specifically, Mario’s group researches the effects of nutrients and diet on health and the relationship between what we eat and our bodies’ risk and response to chronic disease.

At CHIRI, Mario applies his expertise to chronic diseases of ageing, including diabetes. He studies the effects of post-meal metabolism, including how it favours human energy balance, insulin sensitivity, blood vessel cell function and blood pressure.

Mario holds a cross-institutional appointment as Adjunct Professor of St John’s Research Institute at St John’s Medical College in Bangalore India, and is currently the Co-Editor in Chief of the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a highly-regarded, peer-reviewed journal covering all aspects of human and clinical nutrition.

Research interests – type 2 diabetes; adult obesity; ethnicity and metabolic syndrome; human energy metabolism; Vitamin D and chronic disease.

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