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Associate Professor Patricia Price

  • Vascular and metabolic disorders
  • Inflammation, infectious disease and wounds

As an immunologist with experience in viral disease and immunogenetics, Patricia researches the body’s response to cytomegalovirus (CMV) and HIV. Around 83% of the world population is infected with CMV, which persists lifelong and can have a role in cardiovascular disease.

Patricia’s team is researching how to best predict CMV’s impact in renal transplant recipients and healthy older adults and the mechanisms behind its pathogenicity. PhD student Shelley Waters is sequencing these genes in clinical samples and linking the data with clinical and immunological findings.

The team is also involved in two HIV research projects. The first, based in Jakarta, is a collaboration with JakCCANDO on immune activation and display of age-related pathologies in HIV patients responding well to antiretroviral therapy (ART), which have been linked to a persistently high burden of CMV in older patients.

The second project is investigating sensory neuropathy – the most common neurological complication of HIV disease and ART. A collaborative team has recruited and screened more than 500 HIV patients in Jakarta and South Africa, with skin biopsies collected in Jakarta used to identify factors critical to the pathology of the disease.

Patricia is also supervising genetic studies by CHIRI PhD student Jessica Gaff on the role of a cell signalling protein (TNF) in inflammation and a calcium-dependant protein (CaMKK2) in neurological repair.

Research interests – immunological and clinical footprint of CMV; HIV associated sensory neuropathy.

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