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Dr Armin Mooranian

  • Vascular and metabolic disorders

Armin is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in CHIRI’s Biotechnology and Drug Development Research Laboratory, whose research is focused on developing bile acid based therapeutics for cardio-metabolic diseases and disorders. These include diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, weight, cholesterol and vascular conditions, and dementia.

Armin’s research aims to prevent age-related disturbances of blood glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure through the development of targeted and specific therapeutic delivery systems. The challenge for researchers like Armin is ensuring such therapies are cost-effective, easy to administer to a variety of patients and are safe and effective without the added burden of side effects.

Having been a clinical pharmacist in private and public hospitals and community practice across Western Australia, Armin was on the frontline of therapy for patients diagnosed with metabolic disorders. His personal experience in dealing with patients provided Armin with an understanding of the shortcomings of current therapeutics as well as treatment options for patients, which lead to him pursuing a career in medical research.

Armin’s current research uses microencapsulation technology to develop drugs, pancreatic or bacterial-probiotic cells, and tissue engineering, for the treatment of diabetes and inflammation associated with the disease.

The research is a collaboration with Armin’s CHIRI colleagues and researchers from University of WA, Murdoch University, Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, University of Melbourne, University of Novi Sad in Serbia, St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research in Melbourne, and the University of California-Los Angeles. Support is provided through Pharmaceutical Industry (Australia, USA and Hong Kong) an EU Horizon Grant as well as Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant from the European Union, and the Australian Government’s National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

Research interests – Biomaterials; medical biotechnology; bioprinting; artificial organs; islet transplantation; pharmaceutical sciences; drug development and delivery; microencapsulation; nanotechnology; and bioengineering.

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