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Dr Caryn Elsegood

  • Inflammation, infectious disease and wounds

Caryn’s broad interest is in macrophage biology, the study of white blood cells in the immune system that engulf and digest cellular debris, foreign substances and pathogens.

With macrophages also having a critical role in controlling inflammation levels and regulating the immune system, Caryn’s current research is focused on finding out more about how macrophages and inflammation regulate chronic liver disease including cirrhosis and cancer.

The global prevalence of liver cancer is rising rapidly, mostly as a result of increased incidence of viral hepatitis, alcohol abuse and obesity in recent decades. Treatment options are remarkably limited and offer little improvement in survival time, and chronic inflammation is now recognised as a key regulator of liver cirrhosis and cancer development.

Researchers like Caryn are working to find out why and investigate potential new ways to reduce the incidence of and/or treat liver cirrhosis and cancer and provide hope for people with chronic liver diseases.

Research interests – macrophage biology; inflammation; liver injury; liver regeneration; liver cancer.

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