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Dr Rima Caccetta


  • Vascular and metabolic disorders

Rima is a metabolism and inflammation researcher whose expertise lies predominantly in the field of pharmacology, a branch of biology focused on understanding the effects of drugs and medication on the body.

At CHIRI, Rima has a team investigating a native herb of the Mediterranean region that has a reputation for having anti-diabetic effects. The team’s research has shown the herbal extract can significantly lower blood sugar levels in pre-clinical models.

The team’s aim now is to isolate active chemicals in the herb for developing into tablet form as a potential treatment option for patients with diabetes. If successful, they could potentially improve quality of life for many of the millions of people worldwide who have the disease.

Another avenue of Rima’s research is to assess the effectiveness of mood-modifying drugs used to treat mental conditions in individuals on the autism spectrum. In particular, her research team is working to investigate the prescription patterns of mood-modifying medications used in children and adolescents on the autism spectrum.

Research interests – drug discovery from plants for diabetes; Autism/Asperger’s syndrome (mental health and the gut brain nexus, medication use and pharmacy services); drug delivery across biological membranes; drug delivery through the skin; activity of biological membranes and phenolic compounds.

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