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Dr Yu Yu

  • Cancer

Yu has dedicated a decade of research to combatting cancer and its recurrence. She has a keen interest in experimental therapeutics, with experiences in drug classes that target cellular iron, cytoskeletal dynamics and kinase activities.

Yu has studied mechanisms of chemotherapy resistance, the recurrence of tumours, new drugs and biomarkers to improve patients’ responses to cancer treatments and combined therapies to improve patient survival. She was awarded an Outside-the-Box Grant from the HERA Women’s Cancer Foundation, an Ann Schreiber Mentored Investigator Award from Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation and a Raine Foundation Priming Grant for her research.

After graduating with a degree in Medical Science (Pharmacology and Biochemistry) from the University of Sydney, Yu was trained in anti-cancer therapeutics development, where she gained a PhD in Medicine in 2011. Her postdoctoral training was undertaken at the TeLinde Gynaecologic Pathology Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in the United States, where her studies focused on a treatment for recurrent ovarian cancer.

As a Senior Research Fellow with CHIRI, Yu is researching on the mechanism of tumour progression and recurrence through focusing on protein post-translational modifications and autoantibodies in gynaecologic conditions. Her team examines investigational new drugs through high-throughput drug screening methods.

Research interests – proteomics, bio-banking, tumour-associated antigens/autoantibodies, protein microarray, organoids, peptide microarray, kinase phosphorylation, mass-spectrometry imaging

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