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Hosting a CHIRITY event

The Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute (CHIRI) is a medical research institute of excellence  focused on making discoveries to prevent, delay onset, slow progression and reduce the burden of chronic diseases that occur in adult life.

CHIRI’s intent is to look after older-aged Australians and is unique in that it has assembled multi-disciplinary groups of scientists to leverage knowledge on interrelated disease conditions. You can read more about us at

In response to substantial interest in our mission, CHIRI is supporting a community initiative to raise much needed  funds to offset research costs.

Without obligation, we would like to invite you to consider hosting a CHIRITY event sometime over the cold winter months.

The concept is super-simple; you let friends know you want to get together for a bite-to-eat in an ambience of your choosing, to talk about medical research at CHIRI. At your ‘dining event’, explore gift-giving opportunities with the knowledge that 100% of donations go to support research costs.

We will be happy to provide you with basic information about CHIRI, gift-giving, or donation options for your event.

So, are you interested?

If yes, that’s great and we really appreciate it!

Here’s an invitation template with info about CHIRI and some tips for planning your event to get you started.

Download invitation template

Download event planning tips

Please don’t forget to officially register your interest in hosting an event with us. Click on the button below to send us a quick email.