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The story behind our logo

Cherry energy tree.

The Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute’s (CHIRI’s) logo was inspired by a Japanese artist’s depiction of a cherry energy tree.

CHIRI sounds a little like ‘cherry’, but it was the story behind the energy tree that resonated with CHIRI’s Director, John Mamo.

“I wanted a logo that reflected the intent and work of the institute – our focus is on diseases that occur with older age but our intention is not only to increase longevity but also quality of life,” John said.

“I was reading some notes by the artist that explained the significance of the cherry energy tree. They said if a cherry tree was well cared for, it could bear fruit for hundreds of years. I thought, wow that captures everything we are trying to do here at CHIRI.” Read more

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Older age researcher.

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As an ‘adult only’ medical research institute, we are focused on developing new treatments for the diseases that commonly occur with older age.

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