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Associate Professor Cyril Mamotte

  • Vascular and metabolic disorders

With expertise in bioscience and metabolic health, Cyril’s research uses molecular techniques to tell us more about the fundamental biology underlying complex age-associated diseases such as diabetes, the  metabolic syndrome, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

These are all diseases where changes in t­he processing or metabolism of fat and cholesterol is considered an important causative factor and where inflammation also plays an important role.

Much of the work is focused on how these diseases and underlying cellular processes (e.g in the pancreatic and liver cells) are influenced by genetic and therapeutic factors that alter cholesterol and fat metabolism. Examples include the influence of cholesterol-lowering drugs on the insulin secreting cells of the pancreas, and changes to the genetic programming of liver cells by fatty acids produced by good gut bacteria.

Cyril is part of a research team helping us to better understand the underlying mechanisms of these conditions and the links between them in the hope of finding better treatments for patients.

Research interests – lipid metabolism; coronary heart disease; pleiotropic effects of lipids and lipid modulators on diverse pathophysiological processes including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and immune responses; genetics of complex diseases; translational research in the application of molecular genetics.

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