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Dr Carl Mousley

  • Cancer

As a Molecular Cell Biologist and Senior Lecturer, Carl is living a dream that dates back to his high school days when he recalls sitting in biochemistry class and being fascinated with images of cell and protein structures, which sparked his interest in research and are the very things he studies at CHIRI.

Carl came to Curtin from the US as a postdoctoral researcher in 2014 and uses his expertise in cell and developmental biology to examine how the structure and function of cells influence diseases and disorders common in older-age. He works in complex data, which he says suggests that many diseases and disorders, like Alzheimer’s disease and Diabetes, arise due to dysfunction at the cellular level and may be treated by correcting a tiny ‘transport’ structure that sits within the affected diseased cells. The structure functions incorrectly under certain conditions, hindering the cells’ ability to produce proteins that are folded correctly, inducing high levels of stress and damage inside the heart of the cell. With cells being the basic units of life, Carl is convinced that if we want to better understand the basis of disease, we need look to how cells are structured and function within our systems.

Part of Carl’s research examines how proteins, created within cells, move from inside to outside cells, through a process called protein secretion. Carl hopes the information he is gathering about the mechanisms that activate cellular processes will lead to discovering a way of using these processes against cells in a diseased state.

Carl is passionate about discovery science and the ‘serendipitous’ element of pursuing high-risk and high-impact outcomes. He’s an avid supporter of the institute’s cohort of talented research students, and as the WA representative for the Australia and New Zealand Society for Cell and Developmental Biology, is a conduit for local researchers’ ideas and suggestions for enhancing cell and developmental biology in Australia and New Zealand.

Research interests – vesicle trafficking; protein sorting; unfolded protein response; endoplasmic reticulum; Golgi apparatus; phosphoinositides; Oxysterol binding proteins.

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