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Dr Connie Jackaman

  • Inflammation, infectious disease and wounds
  • Neurodegenerative disorders
  • Cancer

Studies show the immune system plays an important role in repair processes following injury, preventing cancer and fighting infections but, for some reason, immune function becomes dysregulated with age.

Connie is a mid-career Research Fellow who, with the support of a NHMRC, Cancer Council WA and Dementia Australia Research Foundation funding has assembled a team of researchers investigating what happens to immune function as we age.

Connie currently leads projects investigating the impact of age-related dysfunction across four main areas:

  1. Examining inflammatory responses in the elderly following musculoskeletal injury;
  2. Investigating immune dysregulation during cancer and following immunotherapy;
  3. Investigating the impact of age-related inflammation on the brain in the elderly; and
  4. Examining inflammatory function in dysferlinopathy throughout the lifespan.

Research interests – impact of ageing on immune system; determining impact of age-related immune dysfunction on cancer development, cancer treatment and cachexia; muscle injury and repair processes; cognitive function.

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