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Dr Hani Al-Salami

  • Vascular and metabolic disorders

The prevalence of diabetes is a bitter pill to swallow for our researcher Hani. A registered pharmacist in Australia and New Zealand, Hani has a doctorate in bio-nanotechnology and pharmaceutical sciences.

Having trained in three countries – New Zealand, Canada and Australia – Hani leads a collaborative team of bio-nanotechnology and drug development researchers committed to identifying new therapies for diabetes and other age-related diseases. Among Hani’s priority research interests are bile acid-based microcapsules suitable for drug and cell delivery.

Hani’s team at CHIRI uses nano-micro encapsulation technology to design innovative formulations capable of delivering drugs or pancreatic cells to treat diabetic patients.

Hani’s research is supported by the Australian industry and the European Union (EU) Horizon scheme. He was recently made an Honorary Professor at the University of Banja Luka in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is part of a current research collaboration with the university’s medical school.

Hani’s also part of a bio-nanotechnology-based industrial partnership between CHIRI and two European pharmaceutical companies, which enabled a series of research exchange to build skills in state-of-art technologies.

Research interests – bio artificial pancreas: the use of bio-nanotechnologies/microchips to transplant functional pancreas and treat diabetes (bio-artificial pancreas); drug nano/micro encapsulation to optimise tissue-targeted delivery and control drug release, effectiveness and safety profiles.

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