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Dr Hannah Radley

  • Inflammation, infectious disease and wounds

Hannah completed a PhD in 2010 and a subsequent postdoc in skeletal muscle regeneration under the supervision of Emeritus Professor Miranda Grounds (UWA). She has a wide range of experience conducting pre-clinical studies.

Hannah is now part of a team of proud recipients of a prestigious National Health and Medical Research Council New Investigator Grant in 2016, which also includes CHIRI’s Dr Connie Jackaman and Dr Danielle Dye.

Their project is focused on reprogramming the function of macrophages – the cells responsible for detecting and killing disease associated pathogens in the body – to investigate the impact of acute muscle injury-induced inflammation on the brain and rescue impaired inflammatory responses to muscle injury in the elderly.

The team also recently received funding of $75,000 from the Dementia Australia Research Foundation to progress this line of research inquiry.

Hannah is passionate about undergraduate teaching and dedicated to training the future health professionals, medical doctors and the researchers of tomorrow.

Research interests – skeletal muscle and muscle injury models; ageing and sarcopenia; Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy; pre-clinical drug testing.

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