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Dr Ross Graham

  • Vascular and metabolic disorders

Diseases and disorders from fat or iron build-up present a growing problem for our ageing population and Ross is determined to find better treatments for them.

At the top of his list is finding out more about the links between iron and fatty liver disease, research that often takes Ross and his team to the Australian Synchrotron facility in Melbourne.

Advances in synchrotron science and the unique properties of synchrotron light allow for a more detailed look at the distribution of iron and other metals in liver cells exposed to high concentrations of iron and fatty acids.

Ross and his team’s aim is to better understand the underlying mechanisms of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and iron overload disorders and the link between them.

These disorders manifest largely in middle age and may cause complications such as liver failure if untreated.

As well as his role at CHIRI, Ross is a senior lecturer at Curtin University, so when he’s not in the lab, Ross can be found teaching genetics to researchers of the future.

Research interests – iron metabolism; lipid metabolism; haemochromatosis; liver disease.

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