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Professor Melinda ‘Lindy’ Fitzgerald

  • Neurodegenerative disorders

CHIRI’s Professor of Neurotrauma, Lindy is on a mission to improve outcomes for patients who have experienced traumatic injury to their central nervous system.

Co-appointed by the Perron Institute for Neurological and Translational Sciences, Lindy leads a pre-clinical research team studying how damage spreads following neurotrauma.

Findings from the team’s studies are used to design and test treatment strategies including combinations of pharmacotherapeutics and nanotechnologies.

The work is part of a broader nationwide strategy to predict and improve outcomes following traumatic brain injury of all severities, which received a welcome boost from the Federal Government in 2019.

Funding of $50 million over 10 years was awarded for the Mission For Traumatic Brain Injury, an initiative Lindy is leading that brings together health professionals from major hospitals, universities and research institutes across Australia.

The initiative aims to help identify the predictors of poor outcomes following traumatic brain injury and develop feasible initiatives to improve the lives of patients.

Research interests – neurotrauma, traumatic brain injury, concussion, myelin, multiple sclerosis, mechanisms of injury

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